Classroom Preferred

for School HVAC Solutions.


Invisible Comfort

Invisible comfort makes Bard stand apart. Our I-TEC units blend into the classroom with magnetic dry erase board covers, and increase useable school square footage by eliminating the need for equipment rooms. Our exterior mounted units offer the same quality, dependability and quiet operation with a wide choice of colors to choose from. Bard also helps fit your design into your client's time and budget constraints by eliminating costly piping, duct-work and fire dampers, along with the possibility of risky roof penetrations, while significantly reducing installation time.

Smart Products.
Classroom Preferred™ provides three HVAC product families for schools, the I-TEC, Q-TEC or Wall-Mount. While each has its own advantages and unique features, all of our products offer quiet comfort, smart design features, durable construction and generous warranties.


Bard's I-TEC provides superior indoor air quality and the ultimate in quiet operation. Vented above the sill at window level, it's designed to look as good as it works, both inside and out.

Features and Benefits
  • Easily accessible air filters.
  • Corrosion resistant hydrophilic finned coils resist bacterial growth and shed water quickly, eliminating potential indoor air quality issues.
  • Blower's highly efficient teardrop shape streamlines air for maximum circulation with quiet delivery.
  • Custom-molded, one-piece drain pan channels moisture to a drain, minimizing potential mold and mildew formation.
  • Easily-accessed electrical panel is designed with multiple connections for optional accessories.
  • Locking doors and optional anti-huffing lock on refrigerant port for added student safety.
  • Highly efficient 5/16" rifled copper tubing and micro-perforated aluminum fin coils use less refrigerant.
  • Floating compressor platform absorbs vibration for ultra-quiet operation.
  • Heavyweight compressor cover and discharge muffler eliminate refrigerant circuit noise.
  • Eco-friendly, kid-friendly, high-performance insulation made of recycled denim.
  • Several fresh air ventilation options available to meet current ASHRAE standards.
  • Window height condenser air path.


Bard's Q-TEC is specially designed for classroom installation. It provides total comfort through innovative design and engineering, offering a variety of ventilation options, including an integrated energy recovery ventilator, to address the latest air quality requirements. It also gives you the option of high-efficiency geothermal heating and cooling.

Features and Benefits
  • Special "soft start/stop" ECM variable speed motor provides quiet operation.
  • Integrated energy recovery ventilator available for optimum air quality.
  • Incorporates proprietary double-isolated floating compressor base to prevent transfer of sound vibration.
  • Supply air can be introduced through either a top mount plenum or a ducted system for optimized air circulation and maximized occupancy comfort.
  • A special dehumidification circuit can be specified and used with the humidistat climate control option.
  • Small unit footprint requires less than 1% of available floor space in the average classroom.
  • Special sound-deadening insulation material minimizes sound levels.
  • Compressor time delay relay optimizes longevity.
  • Totally enclosed condenser motor with double oil reservoir enhances reliability and longevity.
  • Grooved copper tubing and enhanced aluminum fins provide maximum heat transfer and high energy efficiency levels.
  • Lockable service door provides easy access to air filters and primary controls.
  • Stainless steel drain pans for long life and high reliability.
  • Ground level condenser air path.


The Bard TS Series Wall-Mount Heat Pump is a self-contained energy efficient heating and cooling system designed to offer maximum indoor comfort at a minimal cost. Our Wall-Mount options are an ideal product for new school construction, school modernization or modular school buildings.

TS Series Features and Benefits
  • Copper tube and aluminum fin coils provide maximum heat transfer and high energy efficiency.
  • Evaporator coil constructed with hydrophilic fin stock seals fin surface against oxide formation and resists mold and mildew growth.
  • Twin blowers move air quietly.
  • Motor overload protection is standard on all models.
  • ECM indoor blower motor provides high-efficiency, low sound levels and soft-start capabilities.
  • Scroll 2-stage compressors eliminate need for crankcase heater.
  • Double isolated floating compressor mounting system, compressor sound blanket and discharge muffler reduce outdoor sound levels.
  • Phase rotation monitor protects against reverse rotation if power supply is improperly connected.
  • Liquid line filter drier protects system against moisture.
  • Lockable access cover for safety and security.

Comfort and Control

Bard sees each classroom as its own unique environment. Our solution allows teachers to set the temperature for their own classrooms throughout the day, within pre-set limits, as needs change. Only classrooms being used need to be heated or cooled to temperatures necessary for occupied rooms. It's not only more efficient than running a large boiler or chiller to heat or cool entire sections of a school, it's smarter.



With Bard's Educated Choice, efficiency maximizes across all load capacities. So, whether a school's AC is operating at peakload at noon or part-load in the evening, efficiency is maximized by fluidly adjusting to the actual fluctuating needs of individual classrooms. Big four-pipe systems are much less efficient because they power up to handle large areas, even if only one or two classrooms are calling for climate control.


Quiet Operation

Classrooms need to be quiet. That's why Bard's Educated Choice uses advanced acoustic technology for the quietest operation possible. In fact, our modern classroom solutions are so quiet, they can't be heard over typical classroom noise.


Fresh Air Control

Bard offers better fresh air control than traditional four-pipe systems which use enormous systems to bring in fresh air from outside to meet carbon dioxide (CO2) guidelines. This usually results in dumping more untreated outside air than is actually necessary at a large cost and without guaranteeing CO2 level standards are met. With Bard, each room has the option to have its own CO2 monitor that gently provides the exact amount of fresh air each room needs.



The Educated Choice Solution provides the ultimate in flexibility by allowing individualized control in each room based on usage, weather and activity levels.


Blends Into Classroom

A lot has changed since Bard first designed our Wall-Mount units for schools over 50 years ago. Modern units offer sophisticated options and are designed to blend into the background - both visually and audibly.


Durable and Dependable

Bard's classroom products are made to withstand conditions much harsher than those of the typical school environments. We also offer generous warranties adding even more peace of mind.


Easy Maintenance

Bard offers easy maintenance, which can usually be performed by the school's staff instead of costly HVAC professionals. Unlike large, four-pipe systems, if one particular Bard unit requires maintenance, it doesn't effect the whole school, so an entire wing of the school never has to be shut down. What's more, with Bard's Wall-Mounts, any maintenance can be done during school hours without disturbing teachers or students.


Low Construction Cost

Schools everywhere have demonstrated how Bard's Educated Choice Solution saves money on installation and overall cost. Traditional boilers and chillers require expensive and complicated piping systems that take many more labor hours to install. Traditional systems often utilize ductwork above the ceiling that feeds into the classrooms, creating a need for fire-dampers and access hatches. Bard systems are centralized and don't require these extra and expensive measures.


Bard Quality

Bard is recognized across the country and around the world for the high quality of our products. The Educated Choice Solution is certainly no different. The schools who have installed Bard products give rave reviews at every level.