Health Is in the Air

Now more than ever, schools are looking for ways to make their buildings as safe as possible. And to help, the federal government has stepped in to offer funding for addressing facility needs.

Besides personal protective measures, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says one of the most effective ways to minimize the spread of certain infectious aerosols is to upgrade HVAC systems, especially through ventilation and filtration. As a leader in the educational market, Bard has many options for school districts to meet the CDC recommendations.

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Money or Funds Available for Upgrades

Almost $200 billion is earmarked to the Department of Education to address the impacts of COVID-19 on K-12 schools.

Once the money is distributed to states and then local districts, the funds can be used in a variety of ways. But the legislation specifically mentions ventilation, filtration and sterilization technologies as initiatives for school boards to consider to improve air quality and reduce the spread of infectious aerosols.

Learn more about the funding that’s available to schools, as well as the limited time frame to apply for the grants and award contracts.

HVAC's Impact on IAQ

HVAC systems play a large role in indoor air quality (IAQ). According to the CDC, ventilation, filtration, humidity control and proper air distribution can significantly reduce the spread of infectious aerosols.

Find out how to optimize the conditions of a classroom through these measures.

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The Bard Advantage

Not all systems are built the same. Bard products utilize innovations like their “one classroom, one system” design, which creates individual ecosystems. They also offer numerous ventilation and filtration options.

Hear more about Bard‘s features and capabilities that implement CDC recommendations and help create healthier classroom environments.

Bard's Healthy Classroom Strategies

If purchasing new equipment, Bard products offer many factory and field-installed options to improve IAQ. But making performance upgrades doesn’t have to mean putting in an entirely new HVAC system. We’ve created several retrofit kits that can be easily installed with your existing Bard equipment—including motor upgrades for filtration improvements and UVC-LED lights for sterilization, and ventilation field-installed kits. These cost-effective and time-saving enhancements offer another layer of protection.

Explore more about these innovative and effective IAQ measures.

Classroom Preferred

As the world’s largest producer of wall-mounted heating and cooling equipment, Bard has seen how these systems have made an impact in buildings around the globe. They offer enormous benefits—especially in the educational market—because of their straightforward installation, lower upfront costs, easy maintenance and small footprint. Plus, we have a variety of systems for whatever the site demands. Get an in-depth look at our full line of Classroom Preferred™ products.